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May 11 2011

Hm, where to go? The primary topic of this spot on the net should be Drupal. I want to collect my personal findings during my interaction with Drupal. So this should be a place for me to re read things I once learned just to forget them again. Especially in the filed of developing my own modules I'm at the beginning right now so there should be a few things that are new to me about which I'll probably write, but this knowledge might be helpful for anyone else on the interwebs. We'll see.

So this is a place for me to reread things. Perhaps others may find help to and with a bit of luck people from around the web will correct me in places I am wrong or help me out with bits an pieces I am missing.

It's sure I am going to display code so it might be a good idea to add syntax highlighting on these pages. In theory there's a module for that (there's always a module) which is already installed. If it's working you should be able to see in the next paragraph ; )

print("Hello World.");